November 28th, 2012

Peter Fogel’s “How a Mentor Can Further Your Career!”

One of the quickest ways to fast-forward your career and to get noticed at work or within your industry is to find and work with a mentor.The beauty of having a mentor in your corner is that you can also get personal, one-on-one advice from someone who has been where you are and achieved great success. I  have had quite a few mentors, or gurus, in my life. I looked closely at what they did and just modeled their behavior. Of course, some of these gurus were tough on me and I considered them “tormentors.”

Either way, I still got results. Most of all, when gaining new skills, do it because you want to do it. Do it to gain that knowledge, not because you want to earn money at your job.  You can take the advice above one-step further by developing a one-on-one relationship with someone in your industry or organization who can help you be “all you can be!”

A mentor can cut the learning curve in mastering a skill by quite a bit. He (or she) can use their own experiences to help you avoid costly, time-wasting mistakes and get up the ladder much faster than you could on your own. So, how do you find a mentor a.k.a. “The Wizard” to help you reach your goals?

Well, for starters, it helps if you know what to look for in one. Basically, a good mentor  should be:

  •  Able to help you increase your ability to reach your goals
  • Able to teach you a new skill
  • A good listener and able to provide you with constructive criticism
  • Hook you up with the people you need to know to get ahead; someone who can
  • include you in activities that will give you access to these people
  • Give you the lowdown on the politics and power in your organization or industry
  • So to start, just ask yourself, “What do I need?”

Here is where you must really be honest with yourself and examine what skills you want, need to learn, or need to  improve upon Once you do that, you should seek out the appropriate person to teach those skills. Here are some aspects of the search you should concern yourself with:

  • Do you want to learn from someone similar to, or different from, yourself?
  • Do you want someone from a similar background who came up the same way you
  • Did, or does it matter if they came by a different road?
  • Do you want to be mentored by someone you know, or do you want to find someone you’ve never met before?
  • Finally, you need to really decide how much time you want to spend on the process

Remember, time is a commodity that once spent you will never get back! So choose wisely, Young Skywalker!  Alright, you have brainstormed with yourself and decided what kind of mentor you want. Now, it’s time to find one.

Believe it or not, you can look for a mentor in your own department or another. And no, they do NOT have to be senior members of your firm. (A mentor can actually be older or younger, above you, or beside you in rank.)  My recommendation? Find someone who retired from your field recently, to avoid presenting a conflict of interest within your department (or at a competing firm.)


The above article is an excerpt from Peter “The Reinvention Guy” Fogel’s book, Reboot Your Career: 27 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in the Workplace (If You Still Have a Job!)  Peter Fogel is an Award Winning humorist who has appeared or worked on over 22 shows including, Married With Children and Comic Strip Live! He reinvented himself into an in demand Copywriter, Business Speaker, Infoprenuer, Marketing and Reinvention Strategist.   Fogel is also the host of The Boomer Humor Radio Show. The #l self-indulgent help show on internet radio As a strategist and speaker, he’s helped thousands of people reinvent themselves and find their true passion in life through his articles, books,  and appearances on CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS.

To get an autographed copy of Reboot Your Career: 27 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in the Workplace (If You Still Have a Job!) PLUS over $200 worth of FREE Bonus Gifts, please visit Other sites include,

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November 22nd, 2012

Peter Fogel’s “Modeling What Others Are Doing for Career Success!”

To reach career success you should absolutely watch what others are doing  (at work or within your industry) to see how they reach their goals. Examine what they do, notice as best you can how they approach their job, challenges, and the solutions they come up with.

Guess what? You will be surprised at how they may not be any better than you. I’ve done this during my reinvention, and I am constantly doing it in regards to being a better copywriter and speaker. And especially when it comes to being a more effective marketer.

The learning never stops. When a marketer created a new model for say, lead generation (getting folks interested in my products), I investigated and studied what they were doing right.I realized that the person I was modeling after was no smarter or motivated than I was. He or she just figured it out faster. And it’s the same with you.

The folks who are getting things done and having breakthroughs are really no more talented or intelligent than you are.   Why are they where they are, and you are where you are? Luck, perhaps… but mostly, they have taken certain steps to get to where they are. Again, in the marketing world this is done all the time. For instance, a client of mine wants to create a new product and then market to his list. He doesn’t know if it’ll be a hit, and he certainly doesn’t want to blow a wad of cash and fail in the process.

Sure, he could try, for pennies on the dollar, testing it on-line, and many do. But another more sure-fire way is to see what is already working in the market place. My client accomplished this task by watching his competitors like hawks!

You see, a lot of times, a smart marketer wants to go with what is truly a winner and not reinvent the wheel.A smart marketer/entrepreneur watches his competition to see what offers are appearing again and again in the mail. In reality, a “smart marketer” is doing his research while his competitor is doing the heavy lifting for him.

Again, if a certain sales promotion appears in his mailbox a lot (let’s say every few weeks), that direct mail marketer knows that that particular sales promotion is a winner. Why? Simply because a prudent marketer (his competitor) will NOT keep mailing an offer that’s losing him money.

Remember  when a stream of infomercials was over-selling the notion that anyone can have ROCK-SOLID ABS in just two minutes a day without dieting?

Yeah, right!) It was like the invasion of the Ab Machines for a while. Why? Simply because these companies were reading the market and delivering on what people wanted!

Here’s a marketing tip: You will always reach your goals faster when you give people what they want… NOT what they need! People don’t need chocolate, but they want it! See the difference?

 This is how a direct marketer stays in business. Giving people what they want. To accomplish this task the direct marketer does a small test first. If he breaks even on the promotion, then he knows he has a winner on his hands.  He then rolls out more direct mail pieces and rakes in the dough. (Hopefully after expenses are paid.)

You might think, “Well, aren’t the two companies selling the same product then?”  Yes, and no. It’s the same product, but the other marketer makes significant changes his product or service and comes up with a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for it. (Remember when we discussed USP’s earlier in this book?)Well, you can model the success of others who have come before you. Again, if you can, and they’re willing, meet with those people whose career at work you admire and discover how they reached that plateau.

Pick their brains in an easy-going way and see if you can do your best to model their success. Then figure out a way to tweak some of the steps they’ve taken to suit your needs.
Here’s a terrific story that illustrates this point.

David’s Story Could Be YOUR Story!

David Neagle is a business coach and consultant who teaches people how to use the law of attraction to achieve whatever they want. He makes millions every year showing people the same steps he used to become a success.

But here’s the thing, he wasn’t always such a success. A high school dropout, David started out working as a forklift operator for a shipping company, spending long, terrible hours on a cold loading dock and cursing his existence.

On one particularly cold evening around 2am, David had an epiphany. A little voice inside his head said, “Change your attitude.”

David set out that very instant to do just that. And he immediately started thinking about the most successful person he knew at that time, which was the owner of the company, and decided he would do what that guy does.

He noticed that his boss was always kind and courteous to everyone when he came by, treating everyone with the utmost respect. David started following his example.

He also started caring more about his work. Before, David was all about doing as little as he could get away with and then going home, not caring if the boxes he was loading were loaded properly, or fell over and got crushed.

Now, he took extra care to do everything right, even if he had to do it over.  David’s new attitude paid off, and within a few months he received a promotion usually reserved only for one of the owner’s relatives at this small, family-owned company.  David’s coworkers joked that he must be the boss’s illegitimate nephew in order to get all this attention, but he didn’t care. He just kept right on succeeding.  Today, David Neagle is a huge success. All because of a little epiphany he had years ago on a cold loading dock in the dead of night.

Now, maybe you’re much better off than David was at that time. (Or maybe you’ve even got it worse.) But I hope you’ll agree, you can learn a thing or three from this example. Once again, simply find someone successful in your company or industry and objectively think about what got them there. Know that they didn’t all get to the top by kissing the boss’s behind!

  • Examine their work habits.
  • Do they consistently come in early and stay late?
  • Do they constantly improve their skills?
  • Do they interact with supervisors and coworkers in a friendly way?

Write down what they do and pick up their good habits.  Enhance what you need to work more effectively and discard what doesn’t? Make sense, doesn’t it? Any thoughts on this? Please e-mail me at — I’d love to hear from you!



Reboot Your Career



The above article is an excerpt from Peter “The Reinvention Guy” Fogel’s book, Reboot Your Career: 27 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in the Workplace (If You Still Have a Job!)   Peter Fogel is an Award Winning humorist who has appeared or worked on over 22 shows including, Married With Children and Comic Strip Live! He reinvented himself into an in demand Copywriter, Business Speaker, Infoprenuer, Marketing and Reinvention Strategist.

Fogel is also the host of The Boomer Humor Radio Show. The #l self-indulgent help show on internet radio As a strategist and speaker, he’s helped thousands of people, reinvent themselves and find their true passion in life through his articles and appearances on CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS.  To get an autographed copy of Reboot Your Career: 27 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in the Workplace (If You Still Have a Job!) PLUS over $200 worth of FREE Bonus Gifts, please visit Other sites

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November 8th, 2012

Peter Fogel’s “7 Quick Tips to Assessing Your Present Career Choice!”

According to a recent Conference Board Summary, only about 15.4% of the recipients surveyed said they were “very satisfied” in their work. In fact, many of the respondents said they were happy just to still have any job. Many are stretched to the max at work, and hoping for a winning lottery ticket! Today’s workers are overworked and under paid… that said, no matter what the economy is giving you — to find career fulfillment you have to be proactive and do a career assessment every 6-8 months.

Take Inventory — of Where is Your Career Right Now?

Once you’ve gathered your thoughts about work, you should evaluate where you are now. Start a career journal and write down exactly what you like, what you don’t like, and what needs fixing.

Here are seven tips to helping you focus on your career path.

  • The state of your industry. Is it booming, or experiencing layoffs? (Yes, I know thisis a loaded question.)
  • Your job duties. Are they what you planned? Do they fulfill your personal contracts? Do they offer variety and fulfillment? Why, or why not?
  • Your salary. Is it in line with your original expectations?
  • Your benefits, insurance, and other “perks”. We often forget about these when evaluating our current level of success, but they are extremely important
  • Your work relationships
  • Your boss. (Nice person, or a complete jerk? Or both?)
  • Be Honest — Where is Your Industry Heading?

As important as knowing your feelings about work and your current job are, they’re only one small piece of the overall career pie we are baking. Another key ingredient is the state of your industry.

Look at the trends within this market place and honestly assess it.

• Is your industry on the way up — or on the way down? (And does it need to reposition or reinvent itself?)

• Is it growing, or experiencing massive layoffs?

• Are your friends and colleagues in the industry getting promotions, or canned while their old jobs get sent to India?

• Are they “bitching and moaning” about their situation?

What is the secret to getting the answers you so urgently need? Simple, watch the news and read trade magazines and newspapers for stories about your industry, no matter how negative it is. Like an eagle scout, be on the lookout for downsizing and the like, and how the stock market is doing.

Talk to your friends, family, and work colleagues to see what they’ve heard. Keep your ear to the tracks, so you can hear the train coming and it doesn’t run you over! The beauty of all this bird dogging is these resources can help you get a handle on where your company and industry are now, and where they’re headed in the future.

Reinvention Guy’s Take-Away Tip: Remember: To experience growth within your field you should look around at things going on in and around your industry to see how it will be impacted. Owning this inside knowledge of your career can help you figure out what to change.

And just as importantly, reveal a few aspects of your current position that aren’t so dreadful after all. Maybe you’ve got a great 401(k) plan, or full use of the local country club. Just make sure that as you’re “rebooting”, you don’t let go of some of those niceties you’ve come to rely on in your current job.

Evaluating where you are right now will also help you determine if there is anything you don’t want more of, like working on weekends and holidays, or less-than desirable job duties. Figure out what you don’t want, and you’ll be that much closer to figuring out what you do want.

In Review

To assess your career:

  1. Review your mental contracts
  2. Start a career journal that can keep you on track for your short-term and long-term goals
  3. Review where your career and industry are now and where it will be in the future


Peter Fogel is an Award Winning humorist who has appeared or worked on over 22 shows including, “Married With Children” and “Comic Strip Live!” He reinvented himself into an in demand Copywriter, Business Speaker, Infoprenuer, Marketing and Reinvention Strategist. Fogel is also the host of The Boomer Humor Radio Show. The #l self-indulgent help show on internet radio. He’s helped thousands of people, reinvent themselves and find their true passion in life through his articles and appearances on CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS. To get an autographed copy of “Reboot Your Career: 27 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in the Workplace (If You Still Have a Job!) PLUS over $200 worth of FREE Bonus Gifts, please visit Other sites include,

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November 26th, 2011

Peter Fogel’s “Five Vital Things to Consider BEFORE You Think About Changing Careers!”

 Times are tough. Unemployment numbers… up and down… up and down.  More peaks and valleys than an EKG graph.

So what do you do? Do you leave your present place of unemployment and look for greener pastures whilst America is caught in a volatile job market? Or is there a more prudent way to enhance your future without changing careers?

Well, if you are a working pro, nobody has to tell you that changing careers in midstream has many challenges. Some career coaches say that if you’re planning to make a career change you should do it while you’re young. Maybe they are correct. The nitty-gritty is that you are the only one to really know what you are passionate about and if this is the right course for you be on. On the flipside, when thinking of changing careers you also have to take into consideration whether you are single, married with children etc… What’s right for you in your 20’s — might not be right for you in your 30’s or 40’s or even 50’s.

Thankfully, preparation, research and doing your due diligence will allow you to make a  smooth transition if you think changing career is what’s needed. However, a better idea might be to stay where you are and improve upon present status. Doing so will allow you to take the necessary steps to help Reboot Your Career –without the hassles of making of entering a new industry.

Either way, before making a complete 180-degree career change — investigate the five tips below before making the new leap of faith and evaluate your current job status.

1) How satisfied you are with it before thinking of changing careers? Before making any hasty decisions about exiting your current profession (and company) make sure to really look at your options. Make an evaluation of day-to-day performance, reactions and feelings. This will help you determine if changing careers is really, what is called for.

2. Make a true assessment of your skills, talents and interests. Assess whether your skills and more importantly your interests are in fact in line with your current career. If they are compatible, then changing careers would definitely be an option to look into.

3. Considering what choices you have as a working professional in terms of a career change from it. Unfortunately, deciding leave for another profession is only half the battle. That’s because you still need to determine where you are headed. Without a strong guide, changing careers is like piloting a plane without a flight plan. Without one, you are headed into a strong wind that can hinder your progress and do you more damage than good!.

Look at this way; when you go on vacation, don’t you have an itinerary that tells you what you’ll be doing, what sites you will be visiting? Well, it is the same with your career.  Your best bet is to brainstorm options and then narrow it down from there. Examples of worthwhile activities include talking to people in your industry — or outside your industry. This step is vital to pinpointing where exactly it is you want to go with your career change… and how to get there.

     4   Making a preliminary assessment  Once you have a good picture towards the career changes you want, simply make a preliminary assessment. This helps you to evaluate whether or not doing so is in the best interests of finances and workload.

5. Determine whether this industry or career path is really for you.  Again, do more research or even shadow an industry professional who is actively doing what you want to do. Luckily, if you know someone in that field, you can ask for their assistance on determining whether you can get away with effectively changing careers and entering this particular field of interest.

If this article helped you out in anyway, it’s to show you NOT to rush into anything. Do your homework, check out where you are now and see if you create the new career you want at your present job or a completely new enterprise.

Make sure to always consider the consequences of every step you might take when you’re changing careers. Yes, it can be difficult to pull off but remember this: Success occurs when opportunity meets preparedness!

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October 14th, 2011

(PREFACE) “If Not Now…Then When?” (Book Excerpt)

(PREFACE) “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” (Book Excerpt)

~ George Eliot

I’m going to be up front with you right now: I wrote this book for a special person. Me. And who’s more special than me?

Answer:  You.

Ever wonder if on one occasion during her life, the selfless Mother Theresa ever contemplated, erself, just once? “Gheez, Louise,” I can hear her saying now. “What about my needs? Don’t I count?”

We both have  probably had to deal with the same type of people over the years and have jumped through the same hoops” in our professional lives. I mean, isn’t it rue that for as long as you can remember, you’ve had to answer to “others,” lease “everyone else,” and make “all of them” happy?

But come it did …

It also gives us a sense of purpose … and a sense that what we do does make a  difference.    Perhaps your significant other does (or doesn’t) know what you’re going through at the moment. “Gheez, Herb, get a hobby or something.”

They don’t get it, do they? But you and I both do. It’s because… well, you know you have no choice but to reinvent yourself! The folks in this book have all gone through some type of reinvention—or metamorphosis. Some wanted to, some had no choice but to. And some found themselves open to a new opportunity and fulfilled a destiny they didn’t even think they had available to them.
But they all had something in common: They got fed up with their “status quo,”  focused on the big picture they call their lives, and took action to make their  choices a reality. And if they can … you can, too!
As you read their stories, you’ll realize that for the most part we  all have the same wants, needs, and desires pulsating through our veins.  Yes … parallel lives, perhaps … but the same experiences.
You’ll undoubtedly read a person’s story and shriek so loud that  your cat will not only leap off the table, but your spouse will drop  the remote control, come running in from the other room, trip over the
cat that just ran into his path, and shoot you that “What the hell is going on?”  look. Where upon you’ll announce to them: “Oh, my God! This … is … me!!”
Your eyes will indeed widen in astonishment as you realize that, yes, there might  be only six degrees of separation with everyone on this planet.
In fact, I  bet you anything that right now in some third world country there’s some Bedouin  tending his flock just like his father did … and his father before him.  And as he steps into sheep doo-doo for the umpteenth time, he screams up to the heavens:
“I hate … hate … hate … sheep! And I hate living in a cave! Yes,  it’s all paid for … but I still hate it!”
Think of this book as perhaps the ultimate “Survivor Show.”  The interviewees could be a friend of yours … a neighbor … a  relative that you see every day. Ever wonder what goes on in their mind—what  they’ve gone through that brought them to this point in their lives?
But more  importantly, how their journey might be similar to yours? Well, now you can see for yourself.
Because now you’re going to be fly on the wall … seeing and experiencing  where they’ve come from … how their choices shaped their future and where  their reinvention has led them.
I shall bring you such tales of hope and failure that you might want to come  over to each interviewee’s house and curl up in the fetal position with them.  And then celebrate with them when they reach their goal of reinvention and fulfillment.

In a perverse way … their story is yours—and mine.

And once you experience their story, hopefully you can use a technique they’ve  successfully applied in their reinvention (especially if you’re interested in  entering into their particular profession) or get a spark of an idea you can use  on your own particular journey. These over 40 folks are your peers and have  “been there; done that.”
And if you have any questions that go beyond the information provided herein,  they’ve graciously allowed you to contact them via their Web sites or Email addresses.
And as you contemplate you’re reinvention, please remember: You’re the only one who can truly make you fulfilled. Not your kids … not your spouse … not your family. They can help, you need their support … but it all boils down to you!

But Is This Book Really For You?

  • Especially if you’re 40 and over and have been devastated by a major  crisis in your life and/or you feel you must have a fresh start and perspective  if you are to take a different direction in your vocational world.
  • Who is a wonderful, creative, sexy, intelligent person (stop looking around,   I’m talking about you.) and acknowledges that “perhaps”—some self-destructive   behavior might be holding you back?
If you answered “yes” to the above then I applaud you for “getting off the  delusional”train, acknowledging your problem, and moving forward. I hope you always keep your sense of humor during these challenging times that you might be going through.
Humor puts everything into perspective. It has kept me from giving up, selling out,  and doing the one thing I feared … and that’s going to law school. Ad“them” usually referred to some committee you were on, right? And where do  committees always gather? Don’t take yourself so seriously and know that most crises can be overcome by diffusing the situation with laughter.
And in your quest, remember what Winston Churchill, one of the greatest orators  and leaders of the 20th century (who it just so happens suffered from being bi-polar)  said to a university graduating class.
He rose, crossed to the podium, and calmly said  into the microphone,“Never, never, never, never give up.”
He then sat back down.
Those were his so-called “pearls of wisdom.” Six simple words. You know, there had  to have been two young blokes in the bathroom standing innocently at a urinal when  one turned to the other and said in a cockney Newkirk from Hogan’s Heroes accent,
“Say, ya’ think we’ll miss anything?”
Now you’re thinking:  “Is he getting to a point, here?” Yes, I am. My point is that  life goes fast. (C’mon, only yesterday you were wearing mood rings and earth shoes …  okay, just me then.)
More specifically: Because if not now…then when?
The above excerpt was from Peter Fogel’s book, If Not Now… Then When? Stories and  Strategies of People Over 40 Who Have Successfully Reinvented Themselves. For more  info on the book and to get his FREE 4-in-1 Total Success Reinvention Package –  visit
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